• 1. The Work Can Be Done Tomorrow 

It’s an intense industry out there and you will have deadlines that you won’t be able to budge, but if you’re exhausted and the work can wait (even 5 minutes) to give yourself a break, do it. Your Mental and Physical Health is foremost, always.

  • 2. Find Your Collaborators

Those people who you trust to tell you the work is not up to scratch, even when you want it so badly to be. Those who will give you a cup of tea when words won’t do. They matter more than you’ll ever know.

  • 3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

It’s a cliche but failing is invaluable and a vital learning tool in the industry. Find the safe spaces which allow you to do so and see what you can learn about yourself and your practice when you get it wrong. 

  • 4. Story Matters to an Audience

What happens in your Film will only matter to an audience if they care why it’s happening. You need to engage them emotionally otherwise they’ll just switch off, even more so with the wealth of content out there currently.

  • 5. Know Your Industry

If you want to work in film, you need to watch as much as you can. Each film will teach you more about the story and how to make one yourself. Even if you don’t like it, working out why you didn’t engage with the film is still invaluable to your development.

tyke films

Formed in 2015 by Producer Rebecca Mark -Lawson, Tyke Films are a BFI Vision Award Selected  Film, TV, and VR Production Company developing work with original approaches to true stories, told by those with lived experience and often exploring the intersection between documentary and fiction.  Their latest documentary feature ‘Poly Styrene: I am a Cliche’ recently won Best Documentary and Raindance Discovery Award at the British Independent Film Awards.

For more information about Rebecca or Tyke Films, check out www.tykefilms.com or follow them on social media @tykefilms

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