Our tech expert says get cost-competitive when it comes to pay per click

Why you should run Bing as well as Google Ads

Google is often considered the king of search engines. While it has the largest reach, there’s certainly a place for Bing Ads too – in fact you’ll pay far less for a click.

With more than 137 million unique searchers on the Bing network, it can be a very valuable place to also run your business ads. Rather than comparing ‘Bing vs Google’, they often work best hand in hand. Here’s the lowdown on why you should try running ads on both search engines.

Cheaper and less competition

Google might have far more users, but that also means there are significantly more businesses bidding on the same keywords as you.

With Google, it’s more difficult to capture the traffic on those competitive keywords, and the cost per clicks are often much higher than on Bing. Bing’s average CPC ‘is 33 per cent lower than what we see on Google Ads’ (Wordstream).

Higher engagement

Not only is it cheaper to advertise on Bing, but engagement is often much higher too. According to Wordstream, ‘Bing’s average CTR (click-through rate) is about 50 per cent higher than what we see on Google Ads, and every industry had a higher average CTR than what we saw on Google.’

Untapped searchers

Bing Ads adverts actually appear on three different search engines; Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Collectively, these engines make up around 13 per cent of all searches (NetMarketShare). Most importantly, there are 60 million Bing users that you can’t reach on Google. They use Bing as their primary search engine and your ads need to be visible on Bing in order to capture this lucrative traffic.

If you’re not using Bing Ads, that’s a potentially huge missed opportunity.

Capture an older demographic

More than 70 per cent of Bing’s searchers are over 34 years old. So if you are targeting this age group, there’s a huge amount of potential traffic you could miss out on if you’re not running Bing Ads.

Test and review

While Google will continue as the most popular PPC platform with the largest reach, there’s definitely a place for Bing ads as well. Bing provides businesses with the opportunity to drive the traffic that would be much harder to secure on Google. The only way to know if Bing Ads is right for your brand is to try it out.

If you need help setting up your Bing PPC ads, contact the Evoluted team today.

Ash Young, Evoluted