Frenchgate Shopping Centre Doncaster is encouraging its loyal shoppers to send messages of positivity to local charities as part of a newly launched happiness campaign.

The Centre has recently launched #FrenchateShareYourHappy and is promoting positivity in all forms throughout the campaign, asking shoppers to get involved and share what it is that makes them happy while they are visiting Frenchgate.

Frenchgate have launched a happiness manifesto and one of the key aspects is to spread happiness to local charities and organisations that the centre currently supports, in particular Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust and Age UK Doncaster.

Karen Staniforth, Assistant General Manager at Frenchgate, said: “There are lots of studies that show that by helping others we ourselves become happier so we are hoping that Frenchgate shoppers and the people of Doncaster will help us by joining in with our happiness movement and supporting two wonderful local charities.

“We have been a long-standing supporter of Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust – which is run solely by volunteers. We have been helping the charity with their latest fundraising drive to raise £150,000 for a new biopsy machine at Doncaster Royal Infirmary to help in the fight with prostate cancer. The machine would enable fast diagnosis and treatment of the condition as well less as being invasive for patients.

“It would be wonderful if Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust saw an increase in the number of volunteers working with the charity or an increase in donations because of our campaign. People can visit to find out more information.”

“In addition, we joined forces with Age UK Doncaster last year as part of our Christmas campaign which addressed loneliness during the festive period. As a result, we created a collection of six candles which we have been selling, and continue to sell, with all proceeds going to Age UK Doncaster. People can spread the happiness by purchasing a candle and bring light into their lives, whilst supporting a fantastic cause.

“We have also introduced the charity to NCS Doncaster and as a result the children on the summer programme will be raising money for them and interacting with older people in the Borough.

“We are asking Frenchgate’s shoppers to engage with us on our social media platforms, by using the hashtag #FrenchgateShareYourHappy and share their stories of what makes them happy when they visit the Centre or think about Frenchgate. We would love to start seeing some charity stories coming through and really look forward to discovering what we can all achieve by spreading messages of happiness and positivity throughout Doncaster and beyond.”