Sarah Arnold from BuzyBumblzz talks us through her journey opening a childcare business

Tell us about your company?

On the September 6 this year, the doors officially opened to children and families starting at BuzyBumblzz. BuzyBumblzz is a childminding business in Barnsley that provides flexible care for children aged zero to five years. We offer spaces for children that receive two-, three- and four-year funding for both 15 and 30 hours and we also have spaces for non-funded children offering flexible hours for working parents. Additionally, to support parents in the community, we provide a school and nursery drop-off and pick-up service to three local schools. Within the setting we have three adults and 13 children, all the spaces are full and we have a waiting list for the next 12 months.

When did you first decide to start up on your own and what inspired you?

After having my own childcare issues, I realised the village was lacking in childcare options, with only one childminder in the area. At the beginning of May I started to look at the different ways I could become a childminder and decided to go through an agency, as the process is fast and more supporting than going directly through Ofsted. As I have completed my level three childcare and due to start university, I was able to go on the fast track, this led to my training been completed in four weeks. I realised to make this work I would need to employ assistance so I could have more children in the setting, as I was limited due to having my own children, but I wasn’t sure if I could make enough money to pay their wages. This is where Launchpad helped me realise my dreams where doable.

How has Launchpad helped you?

Launchpad helped me to create a business plan and get all my thoughts and dreams on paper, we looked at forecasting so I could see if I would be able to pay the wages of others as well as my own. Doing this meant I was able to employ two assistants, not just one. It’s helped me to feel confident about being an employee and made me aware of the months that may be difficult, such as school holidays.  Launchpad also helped me with social media, we have taken part in a short video and now this article. They are so supportive and I will continue to use them and recommend to others.

What are your hopes and aims for the business?

Over the next three to five years, the vision is to have two or three log cabins, with an amazing outdoor woodland space. It’s clean, fresh, natural-looking, with lots to explore. Buzybumblzz will have around four staff members and 20-25 children on the books, maybe more. Possibly getting ready to expand and have our own nursery. This will create more opportunities and prospects not only for myself but others. I wish for the business to be successful, to lead an outstanding team, while creating opportunities that benefit the family long term.

Advisor statement from Kiran Antcliffe

‘Sarah is the exact kind of entrepreneur Launchpad was set up to support, after seeing a lack of provision for childcare in her community she took it upon herself to solve the problem herself by setting up BuzyBumblzz. Sarah came to us with the drive and determination to make her business work and we provided her with the tools and advice she needed to complete the puzzle and  make her business a reality.’

Starting and growing a business is not easy and that’s why the Launchpad programme was created. Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and our partners means there is no cost to the entrepreneur, so we can get straight to work on turning those dreams into reality. Stop dreaming and do it. Contact us for information now on 03330 00 00 39 or email

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