‘More than an event’

An ‘ethos’.

An ‘inspiration’.

A ‘catalyst’.

Here the speakers and entrepreneurs joining MADE provide food for thought with some snappy soundbites on the event.


Host, Geoff Ramm

Creator of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing

What makes MADE a must attend event?

It is the UK’s premier entrepreneurial event packed with insights, inspiration and ideas to ignite the imagination

“So, you have three choices on November 9.  Stay at home.  Stay in your office.  Or stay in your Crucible seat at the #1 voted entrepreneur event in the UK.  The choice is yours.”

What can people expect from MADE? 

“To appear three times in the last four years is something very special.  To perform at the Crucible even more so.

“Having delivered both my OMG Marketing and Celebrity Service topics, this year as well, as hosting the event, I’ll be challenging the audience to create a greater experience for their customers and clients.  I’ll share my ‘120 Challenge’ technique with everyone which will have them creating ideas to outperform the competition.”


Brad Burton

Founder and managing director of 4Networking, and author of four business books 

What makes MADE a must attend event?

MADE is more than just an event.

It’s a vibe, an ethos, a culture, a locked-in mindset that lasts well beyond the final speaker

Your biggest business tool is you. And by investing in you, you are investing in your future.

Without question, the hottest ticket for any entrepreneur committed to a BIG 2018.

What can people expect from MADE?

Your success or failure will be defined by your ability to make decisions. Want more success? Make better decisions. As the ‘UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker’ my job is to teach people how they too can make better decisions – faster.

During my high energy keynote speech, I will share how to throw your switch and become a happier more successful version of you.


James Brown

Founder of UK-based craft beer club Beer52 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

Big things start from the smallest beginnings. Being at MADE could be the inspiration you were looking for to disrupt yourself, your business or processes to break the mould and try something new

Taking that first step could be the catalyst that sends you on a brand new and exciting adventure.

What can people expect from MADE?

Inspired by a craft beer road trip on the back of my dad’s Harley, I launched Beer52 in September 2013.

Now the UK’s largest and fastest-growing craft beer club with 25,000+ monthly members and turnover on track to hit £5m in 2017, I’ll be sharing my story in a fun and engaging way – proving that great things can start from the most unexpected and humble beginnings.


Phil M Jones

Best-selling author and multiple award-winner

It is rare that you get an event with the depth and quality of speakers on the same bill. These are some of the UK’s finest professional speakers who are all building their own businesses along with a group of very talented entrepreneurs who are carving out success in today’s challenging market.

To get this much inspiration and direct guidance in just one day and for the minimal ticket price is a huge gift and well worth travelling for

Finding out the right things to say, in the right way and at the right time is proven to have instant positive impact on your results.

Participants will discover the power that language has over the subconscious brain, gain practical examples that have instant application and receive the “Magic Words” from my best-selling book to apply to their specific business critical situations.

Every participant can expect to leave feeling inspired, empowered and excited to take immediate action as situations that previously seemed challenging become instantly minimised by knowing exactly what to say, when to say it and how to make it count.


Simon Biltcliffe

Founder Webmart

MADE has been making waves for a while and it has been my aim to speak at this event ever since I attended last year and saw how good it really was.

The event is very well put together, has a great range of speakers and offers fantastic value for everyone attending.

Bring it on!

They can expect a loud, hairy northern bloke who runs of the world’s most interesting companies to give an insight to a very different business model that works and benefits everyone it comes into contact with.

I wish the attendees to suspend their pre-conceived ideas and consider how you can run a business based on three, very straight forward principles; to maximise the intellectual, emotional and financial return for all stakeholders involved and continue to grow as a business with strong core values.

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