Ensuring staff returning to work are protected from the risks posed by coronavirus is top of every employer’s list.

But in addition to providing the right PPE and hygiene, business are urged not to overlook their First Aid provision.

Having trained First Aiders in the workforce is now more important than ever, urges leading training organisation The Source Skills Academy in Sheffield.

“You have a legal duty to administer First Aid if someone is injured or becomes ill on your premises,” says a Source spokesperson.

“The virus puts greater responsibility onto your First Aiders’ shoulders. They not only need fully up-to-date skills, they need to know how to spot signs of Covid-19, what to do and how to protect themselves and others.”

Lockdown saw the suspension of all UK First Aid training, which by its nature has to be hands-on.

This meant qualified First Aiders were unable to get mandatory annual refresher training and new delegates were on hold.

But the Health and Safety Executive extended the re-qualification training period and The Source has now taken the lead in First Aid training, devising a raft of safety precautions to enable classroom courses to resume, and adding vital new aspects.

A training and development organisation with charity status, the organisation was set up in 2003 to provide dedicated support to South Yorkshire businesses and communities.

Tracy Moor, of Sheffield charity Support Dogs, Mondalez International employees Mick O’Michael Waterhouse and John Cutler, plus Nick Allen and Patrick Gill from Beatson Clark, pictured, were among the first classes of eight delegates being tutored in a sanitised conference room normally seating 120.

Each learner is given a temperature and wellness check and PPE and has individual use of equipment such as resuscitation dummies, and track and trace systems are in place.

Said tutor Paula Barlow: “We have also introduced an online theory section so learners now only need to be with us for half a day of practical training.

“Teaching on infections has been  updated to address Coronavirus risks.”

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