With the majority of city-based jobs offering their employees hybrid working, a lot of the UK’s workforce has been enjoying new freedoms such as working from the comfort of their own homes or even transforming their local cafes into their new offices.

In recent months, workers have been swapping their lattes for lager by working from their local pub. Here unLTD’s Amy Britton explores the possible pros and cons of working from your local pub compared to the office.

In a survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics, 78% of people who worked from home either full-time or part-time found that it had improved their work-life balance. Other benefits of working from home include having fewer distractions, being able to complete tasks quickly and improving wellbeing. In spite of the many advantages of working from home for the employees, this system has arguably damaged the UK pub culture. With fewer workers commuting into cities, fewer are staying for post-work drinks.

With pubs now being mostly empty throughout the working week, many owners are encouraging hybrid workers to spend the day in their local. Getting out of a stuffy home office would not only benefit an employee’s health but also financially benefit the pubs. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Many pub-owners across the UK believe so, and have been offering special deals to entice workers. Unlimited teas and coffees for an affordable price are likely to get the caffeine-obsessed workforce into pubs and spending a little extra money on a pub lunch. Others are offering special WFP (working from the pub) deals that include food and drinks for as little as £15. While these pub packages may not bring in a huge amount of money, the dry spell brought on by the pandemic and its aftermath means that this extra bit of cash is a much-needed boost for locals. When saving on energy bills, those working from the pub will have that extra cash to enjoy a pint or two after they finish up their workday. Some pub deals include a post-work treat such as a free alcoholic drink to celebrate getting through the day.

Data released by Alliance Online has shown that working from a pub is 40% cheaper than booking a coworking space making WFP a mutually beneficial relationship. Some pubs have even gone as far as to create designated quiet workstations with free wifi and plug points to make the WFP experience as welcoming as possible. While many people argue that hybrid working can isolate employees from their colleagues, the community atmosphere created by pubs has allowed fellow WFP workers to network. Frequenting your local pub will allow you to become acquainted with the staff and other business employees providing you with the perfect opportunity to make new connections in a variety of industries.

However, if you are prone to getting easily distracted, working from a pub may not be the best option for you. It is best to research the venue that you want to set up shop in to make sure they have a suitable space for you to work in and if the pub is particularly busy on certain days of the week. It could also be all too tempting to clock off a little earlier for a pint with friends after being surrounded by lucky drinkers who have a day off. What starts off as a casual pint may turn eventful and suddenly, you are back in the office nursing a hangover wondering if working in a pub was a good idea at all.

Not all pub owners are as comfortable with laptop warriors taking up seats for hours on end. Sharing the frustration of many cafe owners, some pubs feel that workers take things a little too far when they buy one coffee to drink throughout the day. Not everyone will opt for lunch alongside their coffee but they have no shame in taking advantage of free wifi and central heating. In these instances, the pubs are losing out.

Despite the few hybrid workers who do push the boundaries, it is difficult for most to go a whole day without eating something from the pub. All signs seem to point towards working from the pub being a mutually beneficial idea. People working from home get a change of scenery and a nice pub lunch, while pub owners get a bit of extra cash in what is usually a quiet time for business.

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