The leading software firm myhrtoolkit, which supports SMEs with innovative cloud-based HR, has recruited Marie Cheng, a former consultant for Deloitte, as Partnerships Manager to drive their plans for growth and objective to become the number one HR software provider for SMEs in the UK.

Marie previously undertook consultancy and relationship management roles during the 15 years she spent working in London. After working for years in a corporate setting, she felt it was time for a change:

“I loved working for Deloitte, I built a great career with them and learned many useful skills. I’m now excited to start working with an SME environment and applying that knowledge, as there’s great opportunities to shape your role from the ground-up and leadership tend to be more open to change and new ideas.”

Making the move from London to Sheffield 

There has been a steep rise in Londoners moving to northern England recently, with Sheffield having the largest increase by far; for Marie, the proximity of the Peak District from the city and sense of community made Sheffield an attractive place to live.

“There’s so much to do in London, it has everything, but it’s also so expensive. After living there for a while, I wanted something different.” 

“Plus, I was travelling a lot to the Peak District, Wales, the Lake District, and the journey from and back to London over a weekend was really inconvenient. It began to make more and more sense to me to move up north.”

“I needed a city with easy routes to the outdoors, so Sheffield was the perfect choice. The work-life balance is much better too. London is very fast-paced and everyone is wrapped up in their own world. Here, people have more time for each other and I’ve found a real sense of community.”

Myhrtoolkit continues to see rapid growth 

The addition of Marie to the business sees myhrtoolkit grow to 20 members of staff in 2020.

Myhrtoolkit CEO Jon Curtis said of the appointment: “It’s fantastic that our twentieth employee coincides with some really key markers for the business. We passed 1,000 customers last year and turnover will exceed £1m for the first time this year.

“Marie is a real talent and myhrtoolkit is delighted to have her on board!”