Sheffield city centre takes the starring role in a heartwarming new ad campaign for the Sheffield Gift Card.

Premiered on Facebook,  the first of a three-part ad series takes place in Piccolino Italian restaurant, Millennium square.

With the restaurant rigged with hidden cameras, diners were approached by a mystery stranger who, as a festive treat, offered to pay their food bill.

The ad was conceived and produced by new Sheffield creative agency Icons & Machines, and serves as its debut full service ad campaign.

“The footage shows the stunning warmth and humanity Sheffield is famous for,” said CK Goldiing, Creative Director of Icons & Machines.

“Sheffield is renowned for its openness, spirit and charm, so when Sheffield Business Improvement District approached my team and commissioned us to create a campaign for the Sheffield Gift Card, I lit up. I knew, based on previous experience, that hidden cameras would yield something remarkable, and wow, the fine people of Sheffield didn’t disappoint.”

Focused on six unwitting diners, the ad is full of heart, good spirit and in one instance, a stunning display of reciprocal kindness, as one woman makes the mystery man a wonderful counter offer.

Watch part one of the three-part Sheffield Gift Card campaign below.