A Sheffield-based security boss is set to take a short term profit hit in order to secure a more enjoyable experience for thousands of the region’s bar and club goers in future years.

Rick Bailey, who operates the 150-strong IPM Group, believes a wage increase is the only way to attract the kind of staff that are needed to serve the public in the 21st century.

He believes the industry needs a complete shake-up in order to show a far greater appreciation for the work of door supervisors in the industry via better wages and perks for staff.

Rick Bailey said: “This will encourage staff loyalty and commitment and, as a result, persuade skilled personnel to remain or return to the industry and attract new blood into it.

“Current wages have been stagnating for years right across the industry and any rises have been way below inflation. We have some brilliant staff and I want to ensure we keep and develop them and give them a quality career they can be proud of.

“But we need to attract more highly skilled individuals into the industry that can provide exemplary customer service. The current wages will never attract the kind of people we need to develop the security industry.

“As well as the physical attributes – the 21st industry needs people that have patience and the ability to diffuse a situation. They need to be highly professional at all times all times and, if the need arises, they need to be strong-minded as they’re protecting members of the public.

“There is no place for the old ‘bouncer’ image in forward-looking security that prides itself in welcoming customer service.”

Rick Bailey’s IPM Group have flown in the face of the industry and given all door staff a ten per cent increase from this summer – they are thought to be the highest wages in the region for doorstaff.

The company are also signing up to the www.perkbox.com/uk scheme to give further staff enhancements in the shape of exclusive discounts and offers.

With almost two decades of experience, few people know the security industry better than Rick Bailey.

He said: “I first started as part of a door team to help fund my degree at Sheffield Hallam Univerity seventeen years ago and I fell in love with the industry. I’d already incorporated IPM as a business before I’d completed my dissertation.”

IPM Group work closely with South Yorkshire Police and adhere to stringent industry safety tests as well as supporting the ‘Ask For Angela’ safety campaign.

“We already supply doorstaff to over 30 local venues and I’m confident we can turn the Sheffield nightscene into one of the most friendly anywhere in the country”, Rick Bailey added.