unLTD caught up with Daniel Wood about what it was like starting his own business, Daniel Woods Designs LTD, and how he first got into the graphic design industry. 

Tell us about your business – sell yourselves!

Daniel Wood Designs Ltd is a graphic design company that craft exceptional logos and brand identities. Our expertise lies in making businesses shine through designs that naturally attract customers.

With a solid four years of experience in the design realm, we don’t just create remarkable brands – we also provide ongoing support for your business. From crafting flyers, business cards and posters to curating engaging social media content, website graphics and even animations.

How did you get into graphic design?

As far as I can remember I’ve always been design-minded. Anywhere I went I had my trusty sketch pencils and pad with me. I was first introduced to graphic design while on a media, animation and games course at my local college and was tasked with designing a box cover for an imaginary game. This was when 18-year-old me wanted to pursue a career as a game designer. From there, I studied graphic design for over seven years (three years at college and four years at university), before landing my first in-house job working across two companies within the fishing industry – creating everything from catalogues, packaging, and wall murals for shops to marketing campaigns, web design, and animations for social media and YouTube films.

Why did you decide to set up your own agency?

After working in my design role for over three years, learning a lot along the way and being promoted to lead graphic designer, I was inspired to establish the business as a way to spread my wings and build a career with no limitations.

“I’ve always been business-orientated and it was a lifelong dream, so when the opportunity arose, I grabbed it by the horns.”

I’m extremely passionate about design and pushing myself as an individual, and as a result it has driven me to create forward-thinking design solutions for businesses in the UK and internationally, which I never thought would’ve been remotely possible if you asked me a year ago!

Tell us about some work you’re particularly proud of?

I’m proud of all the projects we create for our clients, but the one that stands out is for our most recent client ‘IMBZ Group’. They are an up-and-coming German-based medical/tech company who use cutting-edge technology to teach doctors. They came to us wanting a full brand identity ready to launch in September, which consisted of a versatile logo design, colour palette, branded fonts, marketing materials and an extensive 40-page brand guidelines booklet. Overall, the project lasted three months, and they’ve asked for ongoing support to maintain the prestigious quality of the brand. It’s our most in-depth work to date and a huge milestone.

How can people get in touch with you?

I’m always happy to discuss projects of all sizes from startups to SMEs. If you would like to discuss a project or have a general enquiry, you can contact me via email at dwd@danielwooddesigns.com or via phone on 07969979383.

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