In this time of remote working being the new norm, unLTD spoke to Peter Kelly from telecommunications specialists Callwise to find out about the cost-saving and flexibility benefits for businesses switching their regular phone landline to the cloud

At Callwise, we have spent the last five years educating businesses and start-ups on how they can add cloud flexibility to their office telephone systems. This comes with the multiple benefits of saving money, increasing staff/workforce flexibility and opens up professional features previously unavailable to a regular landline.

By moving your landline to the cloud with Callwise, you immediately free up your business to operate from wherever there is an internet, or 4G connection anywhere in the world – ever more important in these unprecedented times.

Typically, this will be using your office internet connection, but branch offices and work-from-home staff members can also connect to their work extensions wherever they are in the world.

Remove your single point of failure – if your landline has not been moved to the cloud, you are still reliant on a single cable coming into your office for all your phone call and communications.

If there is a problem at your local phone exchange, or the wire is cut then all your customers will hear is an engaged tone or worse. But a landline number in the cloud will always be reachable from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection – your office, your staff members homes, your 4G connection on your mobile phone.

In addition, by moving your landline to the cloud you can also gain access to features such as:

Call recording (useful for recent Mifid 2 compliance regulations)

Automatic ‘we are open’ and ‘we are closed’ messages played to your customers

Voicemail to email – ‘visual voicemail’

Call queueing

Cheap international calling and more.

Get in touch with Callwise to find out more about how you can bring all these features to your business and save money at the same time.


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