With awareness about environmentally friendly practices on the increase in recent years, leading timber window and door manufacturer Bereco is encouraging homeowners to consider how they can decorate their homes more sustainably for 2022.

Plastic products currently account for five million tonnes of waste in the UK each year, with only 44.2 per cent able to be recycled. Plastic often doesn’t decompose and can last centuries in a landfill, often leading to pollution in soil, rivers, and oceans.

So this year, Bereco are encouraging their customers and homeowners across the country to choose more sustainable options for their door décor for the coming festive seasons.

Here are Bereco’s top tips for dressing your door in an eco-friendly way this year: 

Shop Local 

You do not have to travel a great distance to find independent brands and small businesses selling beautiful autumn/winter decorations. Sticking local can not only yield fantastic results for your home but will also help you keep your carbon footprint low.

Natural Wreaths

Using natural materials for your home décor is an easy way to cut out non-recyclable products. Autumn wreaths created with foraged branches and leaves are a sustainable alternative to plastic and can even be a fun activity to take part in with family and friends.

If crafting is not your thing, there are a huge range of florists and dedicated small businesses creating beautiful natural wreaths.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Reusing your existing decorations might seem like an obvious solution – but have you also considered how you could re-purpose old items and give them a transformation into something new?

If you are ready to refresh your homeware completely, don’t forget to recycle or donate as many of the products that you are discarding as possible!

Nicola Harrison, director at Bereco, said: “As a business, we do all we can to protect the environment, including choosing timber sourced from FSC 100 per cent certified forests, to donating to the World Land Trust through their Buy an Acre scheme.

“So now we want to help our customers prepare for the winter – and hopefully, these tips will help you decorate your homes beautifully without it costing the Earth!”

Bereco is already leading the way for sustainability within the industry. The company’s mission is to create beautiful bespoke timber windows and doors that don’t cost the Earth.

Each product from Bereco is designed with optimum energy efficiency in mind, with U-values up to 25 per cent better than the new building regulations in their standard double-glazing products.