With the return to ‘normal’ almost in sight, the transition from remote working isn’t necessarily too clear yet. unLTD spoke to Mark Booth from Exa Networks – via Zoom, of course – to explain the benefits of internet flexibility when the future is uncertain

Currently, the need for increased internet capacity boils down to this – if you have an office space and you have staff working from that office space, then you have a need for stronger internet connectivity. From business to business, you can reliably judge what you’ll need as you personally will know what equipment you have to hand in the office, how many staff there are and what goes on from day-to-day workwise.

As we move into the new norm, there’s going to be new unknowns, and one of the things that’s going to be a massive drain on broadband capacity is cloud computing. This is because it requires your data to be transferred to and received from the cloud – a constant draw on bandwidth. Your central office space needs stronger connectivity to allow for all of this – it doesn’t have a dramatic impact on employees’ own home space bandwidth requirements, but it’s crucial that your office space can accommodate it.

In the current state of remote working, our home space capacity is compromised as we’re connected to the office space’s server. In some ways, possibly even more so as people are working more independently and much of the work, data and connectivity is duplicated. In these circumstances, business is pivoting, and people are needing to look for opportunities that may not have previously existed.

This might put a temporary headache on businesses’ bandwidth, which traditionally may have been able to be upgraded within a rigid long-term contract, but with Exa, this can be for as little as a month at a time. The idea of pivoting is the ability to take on new opportunities with the ability to be flexible without committing to something unnecessary. This can grow with you and your business as well – traditionally, you’d pick the maximum speed your internet can deliver, whereas with Exa we can increase your speed as your business grows.

We’re a Yorkshire-based firm with a Yorkshire attitude and this gives us the edge over some of the big names that are our competitors – we can offer more personal help and support whenever we’re needed. Our award-winning team are all located in Bradford, and so have a completely different business model to these competitors. We’re solely based on helping businesses and schools – most recently, our team have been enabling businesses to adapt to remote working by organising their VPNs, a major necessity for secure remote access to business systems and files.

Most importantly, we’re offering flexibility at a time of unknowns when business need reassurance that they don’t need to commit to anything too long-term.

For more information about Exa Networks, visit www.exa.net.uk or call 0345 145 1234.