The team at Sheffield-based training provider, Whyy? Change, reveals how they transformed their business by collaborating with Bureau Veritas to deliver quality HSE training

Whyy? collaborate with a world leader

How did Whyy? Change, a growing company in Chapeltown, collaborate with a world leader in certification, testing, inspecting, and training, you might ask? Well, it all starts with making the right connections, having a clear vision and instilling trust in the right people. Without that, Whyy? Change would not be in the position it’s in right now.

Networking events connect you with the right people – without a vision our approach would have failed. Back in 2019, when Zoom meetings were unheard of, we held a physical event at our training centre to engage Quality professionals in the Sheffield City Region to see if there was a demand for ISO9001 training. The answer was unsurprisingly, yes!

Our vision is to be the best providers of business knowledge and services in the eyes of our customers, employees, partners, and competitors. To meet that vision our aim was to be a partner of Bureau Veritas and deliver industry leading training at our very own training centre. To get there we had to trust the right people to pursue our vision. That’s where Jo Elliott comes into play.

People and Partners

Jo Elliott is a business development manager for Bureau Veritas – with our vision and trust in her hands, we were able to formulate a plan to become a partner.

By February 2020, we were ready to sign the agreement to become partners for Bureau Veritas before COVID struck. Eight months later our partnership enabled us to deliver a number of quality management courses using our face-to-face (COVID-secure) Whyy? HQ or more frequently our hybrid delivery method. This opened many doors for us and allowed us to bring in a dedicated Head of Quality HSE tutor to deliver the Quality ISO9001, Environmental lSO 14001 and Health & Safety ISO 45001 training courses.

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With our partnership with Bureau Veritas confirmed, Jo went on to say: “Our relationship with Whyy? Change shows how far the partnership can go, with the right approach.”

Quality Collaborations

This collaboration has transformed our business and widened the range of courses we can now deliver – who knows how far this partnership can go? We are the only Bureau Veritas training centre across the whole of Yorkshire, which opens doors for businesses in the Sheffield City Region to gain world class training.

As a region, we need to look at how we can collaborate with world leaders outside of South Yorkshire to grow these rare but valuable solutions built in Yorkshire. What partnerships can you reach out to transform your business?

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