We are hoping to attract people whose working situation may have changed because of the outbreak, as well as former care staff, young people aged 18 or over and retirees. We are offering flexible hours and short or long-term contracts.

We need more staff who can support older and disabled people to live independent, dignified lives in their own homes as well as in the council’s care homes.

Tasks include helping people get washed and dressed, preparing light meals or snacks, supporting people with their medication and personal care. There are also vacancies in the council’s residential care homes, helping people to get out of hospital when they’re well enough and support the NHS during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cabinet Member for Adult Care Councillor Jean Wharmby issued this urgent appeal to people across the county:

“These are the most difficult times and I’d appeal to anyone whose work has been affected by the coronavirus to consider working for us.

“You don’t need previous experience of working in social care, just the desire to care and help make a difference to someone’s life. You will receive all the training, protective equipment and assistance you need to give good quality care to our clients. You’ll be part of an amazing team helping our most vulnerable.”

As well as appealing to people who may no longer be working because of the pandemic, the council is also calling for retired care workers and young people looking to get on the career ladder.

Councillor Wharmby added:

“We need to increase our capacity to help get people home from hospital when they’re medically fit which will ensure there is the space in hospital for people who need to be there. We also need to be able to offer support so people can remain in their own homes, avoiding going into hospital.

“Like everyone, we’re affected by the pandemic as some staff are self-isolating because of the coronavirus while others with underlying health conditions are part of the “shielded” group and can no longer come to work.

“We know this pandemic has changed a lot of people’s lives, but you could help change lives yourself by helping care for the people who need us most.”

To speed up the recruitment process the we are:

  • introducing a fast-track application process
  • paying for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS check)
  • offering flexible working hours.

We currently pay £9.55 to £9.74 per hour for care workers in the community or in a residential care home.

Find out more about coronavirus recruitment and apply.