By Helen Williams, Helping Entrepreneurs Win

As 2019 ends, our columnist on how to move forward with positive progress

A time of reflection 

December, Christmas, the turn of the year – the turn of the decade in fact – it always brings us to a time of reflection.

Reflection doesn’t just need to just focus on the things we haven’t got around to doing and haven’t yet quite achieved. It’s far too easy to be self-critical on the factors that are missing from the year instead of actually appreciating how far you have come, what you have got, and what you have actually achieved.

There is a noticeable difference between self-criticism and self-critiquing. Obviously, there is a need to accept if, and when, you haven’t quite reached a goal but not to press self-destruct and prevent yourself from understanding clearly and creatively, how to best move forward with positive progress.

Appreciate every single little win that has compounded the result or current outcome. Recognise every moving part of the engine to really appreciate what it takes daily to ensure the momentum you need.

It’s natural to assess and review our goals which is a fundamental task that I highly recommend you do. However, it doesn’t just have to be the end of a calendar year that this takes place.

For me, reviewing progress against our goals is a consistent benchmarking requirement all year long. Twelve months is a long time to ensure you are staying on track against goals set this time last year. And what happens when goals have been achieved, or missed? Do they get replaced with new ones? Is there an internal evaluation into what went well in order to rinse and repeat or repurpose?  Or if something didn’t go as was planned for, why was this the case and how this can be improved upon?

Reflection requires time. It requires honesty and ownership from you personally.

This is applicable for life and business scenarios because without taking your activity seriously how are you supposed to have a realistic measure on how to plan your next years targets?

The best practise of this I recommend is to schedule a formal review either for yourself, with your team or whoever else is concerned with your goals. Have your initial goals written down and then review the accomplishments, the process and the learnings in turn for each goal.

Writing this process down helps with your mind’s cognitive functions and accepts the review as something tangible and not just a quick conversation over office drinks toasting another year in business!

Here’s to constructive reflection time so that honest foundations are set ready for the next chapter of 2020!

Helen Williams

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