We are in the thick of a time we hadn’t prepared for – we had very little prior warning on what was coming and how it would impact us. This has meant that the majority of us are being forced into change. And fast.

Change management can be challenging enough as it is and proves time and time again to be something that is pushed back on and resisted.

Change is also something we never really get around to implementing, often because we are fearful of it or because we are too busy engrossed in the usual routine of operation.

The stark reality is that change IS needed because there is no other option. We cannot just continue doing what we’ve always done in the ways in which we used to do them.

And if ‘change’ isn’t quite sitting with you semantically, try adaptability!

The degree of change required is without doubt presented on a different level to every business and every situation right now. However, it does not have to cause sheer panic to change the entire business model/plan but it does need to be embraced to enable you to continue, survive and potentially even thrive.

The case in point here is that change doesn’t necessarily need to be drastic or extreme.

For many businesses it has been apparent that implementing slight tweaks and managing some actionable levels of discomfort has been key.

Logical and rational thinking is essential, and it is usually helpful to review and revise with a third party who is unemotionally attached to your business entity.

The biggest realisation undoubtedly has been that business needs to be taken online. This often means getting out of your own way to do so, which is the actionable levels of discomfort I refer to.

We need to remember that with adaptability, we have to work with what we have got. And what we do have is a number of online tools and social media platforms available to us.

These are openly allowing you to engage, add value, deliver your core messages, showcase, inform, educate and even sell using online and social platforms.

It’s easy to be scared of change, adaptation and even the thought of you being present online but remain positive and optimistic. The amends in your approach now could be the golden ticket to real change and opportunity that you have been hoping for but never really been seeking out.

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