Business strategy firm Fab Events & Marketing Strategy has become multi award winning despite the impact of the pandemic on the industry. 

The FSB predicted that 250,000 small businesses will close in 2021 as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with an additional 30 per cent of small to medium businesses facing difficulties due to the energy crisis we are facing in the UK at present.

However, South Yorkshire firm Fab Events & Marketing Strategy is bucking this trend through their continued growth, firstly through starting the new year with a new member in their team, and now becoming multi award winning after receiving The Visionary: Creative Impact Award at Sheffield Business Awards.

Fab specialise in business strategy with a marketing and event focus, which allows them to provide a flexible and innovative service to their clients. Not only can the business now look after its client’s events in a three-dimensional way, but it can also ensure this fits with the overall business and marketing strategy to ensure clients are receiving the best return on investment.

Company founder Zoe Wadsworth said: “It is exciting to be taking further steps in growing and adapting our company in these unprecedented times, and to be awarded The Creative Impact Award is something we are extremely proud, grateful and honoured to receive.

“Our customers will benefit greatly and together we can help work towards rejuvenating the events sector in our region after such a difficult couple of years.”

FAB have developed a hub with four levels of services to support their clients, who also receive advice from other businesses in the community to provide tips and updates with the aim of kickstarting growth back into the industry.

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