As an industry the hot topic is the retirement of the legacy telecoms network, the BIG switch off.

This is something we’ve been talking about since it was first announced back in November 2017. The initial focus for most businesses has been to move away from ISDN lines to VOIP SIP circuits or cloud telephony solutions. Thankfully, for many organisations, the move away from ISDN had already been completed prior to the pandemic, meaning they had the flexibility in their voice estates to work from anywhere when everyone was sent home. For those that hadn’t started that journey a move to solutions such as Microsoft Teams Voice or hosted platform solutions, amongst others, were quickly adopted.

For many, the migration to SIP lines or cloud telephony was deemed as all that was required however what most didn’t realise from that initial announcement back in 2017 is that all legacy connections are to be retired and that includes analogue lines.

The analogue switch off may, on the face of it, not seem that significant, however many businesses still rely on the analogue service to provide their internet connectivity solution.

Services such as ADSL and Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC/VDSL) will simply stop as the analogue service is retired so if you have solutions such as this you need to make a change.

What services are affected?

Analogue lines, ADSL, FTTC, VDSL, ISDN 2e & ISDN 30

What are the milestones?

Nationally all analogue and ISDN related services will stop being sold by September 2023. The BIG switch off is December 2025.

When should I change?

Right now! December 2025 seems like a long way off however there are still 16 million copper lines in service. The networks will become overloaded if everyone waits until the last minute, so our advice is to make the move as soon as possible to avoid disruption.

What should I do if I have any of the services that are to be retired?

Speak to your providers, check your contract end dates then make a plan to change.

Apart from keeping the service up are there any other benefits?

For connectivity cost is one of the main benefit, as the new connections don’t require the analogue line there’s a saving to be made immediately. In moving to the new alternative there can also be significant improvements in speeds. If you’re moving from ISDN services there are a many advantages by moving to cloud telephony solutions such as remote working, flexibility and greater features/functionality.

If you’d like to know more then please email for more information

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