St Luke’s Hospice is joining the growing international campaign against the problem of waste paper and plastic cups.

The charity’s Environment Group has been working on an initiative to remove the need for the paper/plastic composite drinking cups from drinks machines at both the St Luke’s main site in Little Common Lane and also at the neighbouring Clifford House.

Plastic composite cups have already been removed from staff drinks areas and every member of staff has been given a St Luke’s mug and mug topper to use as an alternative, with mugs available in staff drinks areas for use by volunteers and any guests or visitors.

The next phase of the campaign will see St Luke’s work towards getting rid of disposable cups in all public areas too.

“St Luke’s takes its responsibility to the environment extremely seriously,” said Chief Executive Peter Hartland.

“By removing disposable cups from all areas of St Luke’s and Clifford House we are making a positive contribution to one of the most important recycling issues of the moment.”