After the unpredictable situation during the pandemic times, the employment market is all set to regain pace in 2023. Aspiring professionals should rethink their goals and plans to make the most of the opportunities ahead. The best way to get a head start with your career is to make realistic and actionable resolutions this New Year. But it can be trickier than you imagine because most resolutions end up flying out the window before spring. However, choosing well can ensure good adherence and fulfillment of your professional goals. Here are a few inspiring career resolutions worth considering this New Year.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is the best way to take your career to the next level, regardless of your industry and profile. You can expect to be spoiled for choice when it comes to skill development options. Of course, you can add a trending hard skill in your field, such as learning a new language if you are a software developer. At the same time, consider imbibing valuable soft skills like communication, leadership, empathy, and negotiation this New Year. A little effort with skill development can give your career the much-needed push in 2023.

Update your resume

Enhancing your skill set is a good start, but you must also ensure that potential employers can see them. The best way to ensure it is by updating your resume to show complete and relevant information. In fact, you must commit to refreshing it every few months or whenever you add a new skill or achievement to your arsenal. Also, ensure your LinkedIn profile replicates the information on the resume because recruiters always match them.

Never settle for less

Another career resolution you must absolutely make this New Year is never to settle for less. Know your worth and check the market trends for salaries for specific roles, companies, and industries. You must also know how to negotiate equity in job offer besides negotiating your base compensation and benefits. Avoid saying yes to an offer only because it seems like a dream role with an ideal employer. Check the price tag so that you do not regret the decision down the line.

Expand your professional network

Expanding your professional network should be next on your New Year checklist. Consider adding at least a couple of connections to your network every month. LinkedIn is an excellent platform to grow your network but stick with relevant ones that may serve value later. For example, you may find someone who can refer or recommend you for a job or look for a niche leader you can follow as a mentor.

Assess your work-life balance

Another valuable resolution for professionals in 2023 is to assess their work-life balance. The concept is crucial as it keeps you productive and sane, regardless of the daily challenges at work. Maintaining a work-life balance can be tricky if you work from home, but a genuine effort to create boundaries can help. Check where you currently are, and take measures to regain control and find harmony in your professional and personal lives.

Your New Year resolutions should aim to improve your life in every way possible. You can follow these inspiring ones to get your career on the right track in 2023.

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