Sheffield-based postural support specialist, Jiraffe, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of providing flexible life-changing support with their Emergency Posture Provision programme.

The service was introduced during the first lockdown as a means of providing flexible, easy access to Jiraffe’s range of postural support equipment. Under the provision, equipment is supplied ready for immediate use, is low cost on a short-term contract and has the option to renew, return or purchase at the end.

A parent of a child who used the service to access Jiraffe’s ‘Dreama 24-hour positioning system’, said: “Having the option to trial the Dreama for three months gave us an opportunity to access a piece of equipment we were not 100% sure our daughter would get on with.

“We found that she was not only just comfortable with it, but that her sleep has improved, which we believe is due to her feeling more comfortable and secure with the support it provides.”

Jiraffe work with a range of therapists across the country to ensure that their specialist products are best placed with those that need them the most.

Ali Wilson, Children’s Specialist Physiotherapist at Claremont Primary School in Bristol, added: “When children were unable to access face-to-face therapy during lockdown, it was invaluable to be able to access equipment quickly. Jiraffe’s service probably saved some children from developing spinal and lower limb deformities or from further progressing.

“The ability to try several parts of the sleep system before making a decision is invaluable with very complex children with neurological issues, because they are liable to change very rapidly and often need to be managed in a variety of positions which is impossible to assess on a one-off visit.”

Holly Jenkins, Director at Jiraffe, said: “Our Emergency Posture Provision is a perfect example of our ambition to help provide life-changing support to as many individuals as possible.

“The huge amount of flexibility this service provides has meant that many children have been able to benefit from our equipment who otherwise may have struggled to do so, especially during the challenging circumstances the world has faced this past year, and I look forward to seeing its impact continue for many years to come.”

Jiraffe, launched in 2014, is the UK distribution division of Jenx Ltd, a family-run company established in 1982 by a paediatric physiotherapist and a product designer with the aim of enriching lives and changing perceptions about disability.