Barnsley-based clothing Brand, Lucy & Yak, has created new jobs at its Wombwell head office following the launch of its new ‘Made in Britain’ range of products.

Currently, Lucy & Yak has its products ethically made in India by their tailoring partner Ismail and his team of 40 tailors, working from a factory which owners Lucy and Chris helped to build, but its new ‘Made in Britain’ range will see products at home in Yorkshire. This new range has already created two seamstress jobs, with hopes of creating more as it grows.

Founder of Lucy & Yak, Lucy Greenwood, said: “From the start of our journey, it’s been crucial to us that all our staff – either at home here in Barnsley or at our factory in India – are paid fairly, and we felt so saddened to hear about some factories across the UK paying their workers as little as £3.50 per hour.

“When we decided to create a home-grown range of products, it was important to us that it carried the Yorkshire stamp through and through, and employing local people was the first step to this. We then discovered that so many people working as seamstresses in the region were left unemployed by big fashion companies moving their production overseas, and so creating jobs for these people was absolutely the next step.

“As the range launches, we’re delighted to have been able to create two full time jobs and are hoping that as it develops, we can offer more people the same opportunity.”

Amanda Bower, of Birdwell, one of the new seamstress’ at Lucy & Yak: “We feel extremely proud to be part of the Lucy and Yak team, creating the new made in Britain range. Opportunities for seamstresses in Yorkshire are very limited since the larger fashion companies re-located so this has given me the chance to exercise skills that have long been forgotten.

“It’s fantastic to see an independent brand leading the charge on making a change and not only offering work to people in Barnsley , but recognizing local talent.”