Highlander chief executive Steve Brown says that looking after your staff’s wellbeing will ensure that your tech decisions are made with your most important assets needs put at the top of the list.

Where do we start on the new year, and the wonderful world of technology?

Let’s chat people first, yes, a tech article that starts with the people.

The users, the suppliers, the innovators, the developers, the installers, the maintainers and so many more. Every group has seen so much change, at such a speed, through the past three years. We see no sign of this slowing; in fact we only see this continuing at a similar or faster pace.

We talk about the mental and physical health of our people as we go through these changes, we discuss their wellbeing and we talk about burnout, staff retention and morale.

Now more than ever is the time to really grasp this and look after the workforce. This could be simply ensuring they know how to use their latest work from home device ‘properly’ to reduce stress, right through to more in-depth programmes for them where engaging with experienced healthcare professionals to advise on how to keep ‘well’ will benefit them and their families in what is often a crazy world right now.

At Highlander we have always tried to be ahead of the game in what we ‘give’. This year we’ve renewed our focus on an office team and have brought together a group of people to focus purely on health and wellbeing. We’re hoping that we can lead our organisation with this at the forefront.

It’s 2022, already. What do we know about it? What will stay the same?

Collaboration between workers in the office, and workers who are ‘elsewhere’, will remain a big part of the working week and, for many, will remain a challenge. The word remote remains a challenge too, to me, these workers are usually far from ‘remote’ and are right in the middle of it all.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) continues to evolve and grow to enable our workforce to be able to communicate in the world that we’re in.

As a business we are now embarking on a few changes that will see us use some of the new features within this arena, and I hope that as a result our communications across Teams, email, text, WhatsApp, phone systems, mobile phones, internal CRM and more become a little bit clearer and a whole lot more efficient!

How many times I get an email from someone… and then a text… and then a Teams message…  I’m hoping that’s a thing of the past in 2022!

We know that advanced technologies that are jumping so far ahead will be all over us again this year. It makes the workplace so much more agile, fast paced and exciting, or some may say stressful.

The quality of these technologies will further increase efficiencies and assist organisations in hitting their targets. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5g over 4g, Software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) over Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and the list goes on.

The jargon and new names in the market are mind blowing, but it is these advances that can make the difference and give a business a further competitive edge.

The focus on security is here to stay, and the threats against us are becoming greater and more sophisticated. We all have a duty to mitigate the risks against us, and we all have a duty to educate and help our people be on their toes against these threats.

Working from home or the local or the tram, handling confidential data, sorting multiple passwords for multiple applications, or simply not clicking on that email attack that will capture your data. More stress for everyone, but more solutions are now out there.

We can assist you, and your business.

If you want help understanding what tech could be right for you whether it be on remote working, security, on how your teams communicate, or indeed if you just want to chat to us about our wellbeing programme and our communication methods then please get in touch.

We’ve had lots of people wanting to review just ‘how we work’ and we’re ready and willing to give that free advice and assistance.

One thing that we hope to keep the same this year is the closeness of our local economy and that Yorkshire spirit of battling on, moving forward, and helping each other.

We’re always around for a cuppa and would love to welcome you in for a chat, be that in the office, or ‘elsewhere’.

We’d love to see and hear from you.

For more information or to get in touch, visit us at highlanderuk.com

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