Rochelle Gilburn, MD of Gilburn Investment Group, says many businesses pivoted during 2020 to become more successful than ever. Here Rochelle shares how she can help make property dreams a reality for investors in 2021

This time last year, everyone was buzzing for 2020 – everyone knew this was going to be their year!

When COVID-19 hit, this brought many goals to an abrupt halt. It’s been interesting to see how so many people and businesses have pivoted during these times to become more successful than ever.

I’d just started my business at the beginning of 2020 – what a welcome to the business world! I’d already forked out a load of money to get everything set up, began marketing, committed to fees for the year and now I was stuck at home on my own with two lovely but slightly … ok very … crazy kids!

I could have given up. That would have been the easy option. But I have big goals – I survived worse things when my husband passed away and I wasn’t about to let COVID-19 put an end to my dreams.

I aggressively built my LinkedIn network, started networking with solicitors, estate agents, accountants, and other property professionals. I posted content that people seemed to relate to. Investors started to reach out, as did people with investment opportunities. Small actions every day started to pay off.

Once the property market opened back up, the kids went back to school and there was some sort of normality to my life, that’s when business really started to fly.

I now find properties for investors around the country. They know their money is doing nothing for them sat in an ISA and are looking for ways they can invest wisely. The most common thing I hear from my clients is they would love to invest their money in property, but don’t have the time or knowledge to look for the opportunities.

We can all sit on Rightmove, or watch homes under the hammer and think this property game is easy… well, it can be. And If you have the time and money to go out and do it yourself, do it!

I love property, but most of my clients aren’t interested in the property itself, but the return it can give them. They have jobs or businesses they love, and it keeps them busy. They don’t have the time to be visiting properties, working out refurb costs and finding the best solicitors.

That’s where I come in.

I do all that hard work for my clients, ensuring they are achieving their property goals. For some, that might be financial freedom, others are looking for a long-term investment ready for retirement.

Whatever your short- or long-term goals, I’ll come up with a plan to find you the right properties at the right price. I’ll put you in touch with my mortgage broker and fantastic team of solicitors. My team of builders will renovate the property to the perfect standard to sell on or rent out.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in property but don’t have the time, think no longer. Let’s get a call set up and put that money to work.

Email me rochelle@ gilburninvestmentgroup. com or connect with me on LinkedIn.