Tell us about your company?

At Rolley we have a passion for creating complex and bespoke software solutions ranging from 3D, AR and VR experiences to online tools and calculators.

With over 15 years combined experience developing digital solutions for clients across the US, UK and Australia, we’ve seen, created and built it all.

When did you first decide to start up on your own and what inspired you?

Since early in our careers, it been a long-term goal for my brother and I to start our own development agency and after seeing first-hand how businesses require new and innovative solutions to stand out in an ever-evolving digital world, we decided to start Rolley.

After careful planning we were able to commit full-time to Rolley from February 2022 and haven’t looked back since!

How has Launchpad helped you?

When starting Rolley, we didn’t have any prior experience setting up a business and Launchpad have been a vital part of our journey, from the one-on-one guidance to detailed business workshops, it’s all been great!

We’d recommend anyone who is thinking about a business but not sure where to get started to get in touch with the Launchpad team.

What are your hopes and aims for the business?

We hope to grow our team in the near future to be able to expand our client base and take on more projects. We also aim to continue our in-house product development to provide even more innovative solutions for our clients, while ensuring we keep our core values to always be an honest, friendly and approachable company to work with.

Nicole Hart, business start up advisor, said:  “Matt is an expert in his industry but had never started a business before. He came on our core workshops to help him develop a solid business strategy right from the start. We covered other areas in one-to-ones, mainly looking at communications, hiring staff and connecting him with the relevant activities going on in Barnsley to build his networks. Rolley Ltd is a great addition to Barnsley and it’s going to be exciting to see where they go next!

“Starting and growing a business is not easy and that’s why the Launchpad programme was created.  Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and our partners means there is no cost to the entrepreneur, so we can get straight to work on turning those dreams into reality.

“Stop dreaming and do it. Contact us for information now on 03330 00 00 39 or email”