A Sheffield man, who was the first black redcoat in the 1980s at Butlins in Bognor Regis, has returned to the city to help improve the health of people struggling to give up smoking.

Holistic Therapist, Mike Lawrence, uses different techniques to help discover an alternative and effective relief from the pain and suffering someone may go through, to help stop smoking or if you just want some “you time”.

Mike, aged 55, who grew up in Hunters Bar, Sheffield, and was a student at High Storrs school uses an adaptive approach including a combination of bodywork techniques, some modern-day Shiatsu styles, Thai Massage, Indian Head Massage, Kinesiology, Acupressure, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, NLP and hypnotherapy.

He said he’s enjoying being back in his home city: “It is a friendly city, it is where I was born and grew up, so it is familiar to me. I also have great business connections here and get great advice from people I know up north, for example my accountant who lives local to me.

“It’s my home town where I grew up, although I moved away to London for many years due to my career and university, Sheffield was always the number one choice to come back to due to friendships, comradery, banter and pace/way of life.

“I’ve had a varied career and I remember my time well at Butlins. I didn’t realise at the time that I was the first black redcoat, but that is something I am proud of.”

Helping people to stop smoking is Mike’s expertise. Sami Warby, a 44-year-old police officer who had been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for the past three decades went to see him for one session and hasn’t smoked a cigarette since.

Mike said: “After one session with Sami, she became a non-smoker, which is wonderful to see. She explained to me that she experienced calming feelings and no longer has the urge to smoke.

“These kind of results is what I strive towards and makes all the hard work worthwhile. I can change people’s habits within one hour.”

Other clients who have gone to Mike for help with problems such as arthritis have also seen a significant improvement after the treatment.

Sharon Wright, one of Mike’s clients said: “I suffer from severe arthritis of the spine and knees and therefore walk with a stick. I have had a few treatments from Mike Lawrence, he made me feel completely at ease totally relaxed.

“The treatment was not at all painful and the feeling of pain relief afterwards was amazing. This man truly has a gift would highly recommend this lovely man to anyone who needs treatment for any ailment.”

For more information on Mike Lawrence visit his website http://www.mikelawrence.co.uk/about.