The Source Skills Academy is vowing to give South Yorkshire’s unemployed youth a future by throwing its expertise behind the government’s £2billion Kickstart Scheme.

Kickstart encourages businesses to give six months work experience to 16 to 24-year-olds claiming Universal Credit, who are at risk of never getting on the career ladder.

The government pays 100% of their minimum wage up to 25 hours a week, plus N.I. and pension contributions, and gives companies a £1,500 grant towards the set-up support and training of each Kickstart recruit.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the scheme in the mini-Budget amid fears the pandemic will force a million youngsters into long-term unemployment this year.
Any business can apply, but those offering less than 30 roles need to go through a gateway organisation such as The Source, which has been approved by Job Centre Plus as a provider for South Yorkshire.
The Source is offering a unique package with cost-free induction training, plus free online training courses so Kickstart recruits can gain new qualifications during their placements.
“This means companies we work with can retain the £1,500 government grants. This is a crucial time for employers; we want to help them all we can,” said Dale Robinson, director of business development.
“We have secured additional funds which means we can provide induction and extra learning at no cost to employers.”
The Meadowhall Way-based academy is already working with 12 employers who want to recruit in November, and is preparing young candidates with pre-employment training.
“Since 2005 we have helped thousands of young people into work via traineeships and apprenticeships,” added Mr Robinson.
“We gained additional experience from our involvement in Opportunity Sheffield’s successful efforts to counteract unemployment in the 2008-12 financial crisis and as the pandemic crushes job prospects for education leavers, we implore businesses to Kickstart someone’s career.
“Young people grow immeasurably during work experience and bring many positives to the workplace. Kickstart could be a lifeline for businesses too.”
There’s no limit to the number of places firms can offer, but roles must be new and can’t fill existing or planned vacancies. Applications can be made up to December 2021.
To speak to a member of the team, or to request a Microsoft Teams invite to a live Kickstart webinar The Source is staging on November 5, contact
Fact File:
  • The government estimates Kickstart could generate 250,000 work experience placements, at a cost to the taxpayer of £2 billion
  • Companies interview their Kickstart applicants to find the right fit
  • Companies can choose to top up wages
  • The Source is offering its Kickstart recruits free training in 130 work-related subjects. Courses are online and fully-funded via Skills Support for the Workforce

Work experience got me my career

The Source’s director of business development, Dale Robinson, knows the value of work experience well…

Back in the 80s, a six-month Youth Training Scheme got Dale his dream job in banking.

At 15 he wrote to every bank and building society in Sheffield to get a YTS placement and struck lucky with NatWest.

“I worked in every department, learned loads and got taken on after six months. I spent 10 years with NatWest and it gave me the skills I have today,” said Dale.

“They recruited A level students and graduates – the YTS scheme gave me the chance to prove myself.”


Kickstart webinar – virtually everything you need to know

Companies are urged to sign up to The Source’s Kickstart webinar for the expert view on the government’s £2 billion Kickstart scheme.

Three specialists from the Source will be explaining how the scheme will benefit local young people, and also help to boost recovery and productivity for businesses affected by the pandemic.

The financial support available from the government, and the steps to getting onboard, will be set out during the virtual seminar on Thursday, 5 November from 9.00am-10.15am.

“We are ready to help employers of all sizes across the sectors to access Kickstart grants and offer one or more young people job placements,” said business development officer Vicki Easdon, who is leading the Source’s team of dedicated business advisers.

“Our live webinar will explain how to apply and choose the right young recruits.”

The Source is using its training and skills expertise to give additional support to Kickstart.

Its employability team will help young people who need to boost their confidence and skills before they go for interviews with employers.

Its work-based learning specialists will work with companies and their Kickstart recruits, matching them with online courses to expand skills and qualifications while they are on placement.

When the six months end, The Source will advise on government-funded apprenticeships or traineeships which could extend the bond that has developed between Kickstart employer and recruit.