Richard Wright, Director of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce reacted to the promotion by Sheffield United by saying: “Well done to everybody involved. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of this to the city in both its awareness around the whole world, and its contribution to our local economy.

“We have been hoping that one of our clubs, if not both, would make the premiership for some time. It means an increase in the morale of (some of) the city, a massive influx of funds to the club, and a potential increase into the number of visitors. We really hope that the Club can go on and establish its position in the League for many years to come.

“The manager and players will get all the plaudits but we would like to acknowledge the contribution of Kevin McCabe, the Chairman. He has stuck with The Blades through thick and thin over many years. I’m sure this will be a great moment for him and, hopefully, justify the enormous contribution he has made.”