With the changes in the finance industry since the 2008 credit crunch, SMEs have been finding it harder to access lending. Over to J&J Commercial Finance director Jamie Baggaley to talk you through what they do – and how they can help your business navigate the world of commercial finance

Who we are

I set up J&J Commercial Finance in 2018 with the aim of making finance accessible to SMEs across the region. Prior to this I was working in the banking industry for a high street lender overseeing the performance of its specialist lending teams within their Private Banking division.

After working in the banking industry since graduating from University I wanted to continue to work in the sector. But with several changes in family life, including the arrival of our first child, it became important for me to work closer to home, and so I left the bank and started my own business.

I support local businesses in obtaining the finance they need and educate them about all the options available – it’s so rewarding to see businesses grow and develop and have that light bulb moment!

What we do

There are many options available to businesses, and with access to more than 200 lenders J&J Commercial Finance can assist in finding the right finance solution for each business’s needs whilst also maintaining a personal relationship.

Many businesses still have great relationships with their high street bank and we work closely with a number of high street lenders when it’s right for our clients, but there are also so many different new entrants into the market which is increasing access to lending for SMEs.

Giving our clients a range of options ensures they are making informed decisions, and understand the combination of rates, fees and terms out in the market.

We provide a personal service and guide our clients through the whole process from the initial enquiry all the way through to funds in their account, and beyond. While we cover all of the UK, our focus is on local businesses, building long-term relationships with our clients and supporting them through the business life cycle, from start-ups to selling off a business.

By taking the hassle out of finding finance, the owner can focus clearly on the business and not have to spend excessive hours speaking to different lenders to find the right deal for them.

We cover all business industries and sectors and also support property developers and investors.

Why we do it

Having a 14-year career in the banking industry that spanned roles including customer- facing and head office roles, the one thing I missed the most about banking was the personal service, and that’s something we want to make sure we continue to deliver to our clients.

Applying for finance can be a daunting experience and is which that you need to make the right decisions about. By dealing with just one person throughout the whole journey we make the process as simple as it can be.

When we first started there was a statistic that 50 per cent of SMEs get turned down by the first lender they approach and a further 50 per cent give up and don’t look anywhere else. It’s these businesses where we can really make the difference and help them to realise the options they have available.

What next?

We’ve always said part of our goal is education and making businesses aware of the finance options available to them.

With that in mind, in our next article in April we will be discussing Asset Finance.

For any questions regarding business finance contact me on 01709 805 624 or Jamie.Baggaley@JJCommercialFinance.co.uk.

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