This month on the unLTD Podcast, James Marriott is taking you behind-the-scenes of the magazine.

It’s all because we have a new member of the unLTD team! News and features editor Brogan Maguire joins us to tell us about her background and what she’s looking forward to getting stuck into in the role.

And Brogan guides us through an average month at unLTD HQ – from the early stages of planning out the mag right through to sending it off to the printers and it hitting the streets of South Yorkshire.

There are also some useful tips on how to tell us about your news… maybe you could be splashed across these pages soon!

Coming soon!

I’m working on a new podcast which will be launching soon, and I have an invitation for you.

This show will give owners of businesses – big, small, and anywhere in between – an opportunity to pitch what they do and tell their story.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, where you’re based, how many employees you have or anything else. Everyone is welcome!

It’s a little while away yet but if you’re reading this and want to put your name down to be one of the first to come on, just drop me an email to and I’ll make sure you›re top of the list.

Top Tip

It’s been a while since I’ve included a podcasting tip, so here’s one which went down really well on social media.

This is a way of incorporating video into how you publicise your podcast without causing yourself a ton of work.

After you’ve recorded your episode, either you or your guest does a quick 20-30 second selfie video just introducing themselves and teasing a couple of the highlights from the episode.

You can then use it on your social platforms without the need to spend hours editing or sifting through the recordings.

What a result

As we get to the business end of the football season, here’s a quick shoutout for three local football podcasts which are worth a listen (depending on your allegiance of course!).

BladesPod is the original Sheffield United podcast hosted by Ben – what a journey the club has been on since it started in late 2017! With the Blades in the hunt for an immediate return to the top flight, there’ll be some cracking episodes to come.

Across town, the blue and white side of the city has a plethora of podcasts, but one of my favourites is Owls Americast. Wednesday have a large following in the US and this podcast is half Americans, half expats, and always top quality.

If you’re a Barnsley fan, check out Red All Over. It started out as a radio show before focusing on a podcast format and has grown into a really strong brand with video content as well. Can the Reds pull off the great escape? Joe and the gang will be there every step of the way.

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