The brand new exhibition celebrating one of Sheffield’s best-loved artists will open at Weston Park Museum on 17 August supported by Turner & Townsend.

Joe Scarborough has documented Sheffield’s history in glorious technicolour in a career spanning over 50 years. The exhibition; Joe Scarborough – Life in the Big Village will bring together over 60 paintings and drawings for the first time in over 25 years.

Nick Jones, Director at Turner & Townsend said: “Turner & Townsend is a global brand with its head office in Yorkshire, so Yorkshire is in our blood. We are about the built environment, but essentially about the people who use those buildings.  It is art and culture that make that building or area a ‘place’.

“We were involved in the refurbishment of Weston Park so we have history and an affinity with this place, and are therefore delighted to be a partner for this exhibition. It is important to us that our contribution will help support the next generation through the learning and school activities Museums Sheffield deliver. I know it works because I was at a parents evening the other week and the teacher was excitedly telling me – unprompted – all about the positive effect on the children that these activities have had.

“Like Museums Sheffield, we believe that our museums and galleries should be open to all, so are really pleased that our partnership helps with that too.”

Joe Scarborough said: “I paint everything from a height of about 150 feet – basically because I am nosy! I have ladders in my head. The brush is stronger than a JCB so I can take walls down or paint a bridge. I paint scenes and buildings in Sheffield and I think Sheffield does place-making very well.”

Grace Brierley, Fundraising Manager at Museums Sheffield said: “The partnership with Joe’s exhibition fits so well – Turner & Townsend are creating buildings in our city and Joe is interpreting them in his recognisable and much-loved style.

“As part of the partnership, we’ll be coordinating a celebratory dinner for Turner &Townsend – one of the highlights of the event will be an ‘In Conversation’ with Joe, who will treat guests to some of the fascinating stories behind his work. It’s great that our exhibitions provide the opportunity to create such memorable experiences for our much-valued partners and supporters.”