And how can businesses in Sheffield do their bit to give back and help their local community? James Marriott finds out on this month’s unLTD podcast.

Sheffield Business Together is a unique scheme – almost a matchmaking service – where charities and organisations in need are partnered with local businesses who can help them.

It’s so simple, but so important.

On this month’s podcast, we chat to two of the people behind the project – Louisa Harrison-Walker and Carolynn McConnell – to find out more, including some of the work they’ve already done and how businesses can get involved.

The Power of Prep

The majority of podcasts nowadays are interview shows, and so I wrote a blog article recently about how to be a great podcast interviewer.

Personally I think it’s easier than people expect. An interview is essentially just a conversation and we’re having those all day every day, aren’t we?

But there are some really useful tips and tricks which will help you get the absolute best out of an interview – too many to copy here, but I’d like to share one with you that I think is super important.

Prepare your questions in advance. Yes, you want an interview to be natural, and you might go off on tangents. But that means LISTENING to your guest, and you can’t do that if you’re busy worrying about what to ask next.

So have a list of questions and then you can give your guest your full attention. You can pick up on something they say, or stick to the list if not. You might only ask the first question you’ve prepared, and that’s fine.

I promise you will be a better interviewer by spending that bit of time preparing in advance.

Podcast Spotlight

Content 360 is a new show all about getting the most out of the content you produce for your business or personal brand.

It’s a podcast I know well because I’m one of the hosts! I bring my knowledge and experience of audio to the table alongside Talisa, who specialises in written content and social media, and Josh, who is a videographer.

Our first two episodes explored how to get the best out of LinkedIn, and examined the topic of short-form videos.

We’ve got big plans for future topics and deep dives, along with some great guests further down the line.

You can find it by searching for Content 360 in your podcast app or heading to

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