unLTD spoke to the team at Wildfire Experience Agency about their ‘outside the box’, new activities to keep employees motivated and working together from home.

Working remotely can be difficult, staying in contact with colleagues and remaining motivated are amongst two of the main challenges. As a result, Wildfire have invented team building activities that can be done from anywhere, as long as there is internet connection.

“We have plenty of opportunities to get you having fun and putting a smile on faces when times are tough. From our remote team building quiz to online escape rooms, we have the perfect event to get your team fired up,” MD Nathan Angus explains.

The remote based quiz involves companies being split into groups who will have their own chatroom where they can interact with teammates. There is also a separate chat channel for all participants for quick-fire rounds.

The event is run by a fun quizmaster, streamed through a live video link, and includes interactive elements to keep people engaged. At the end of all the rounds the scores are totaled up and the winning team is announced, with prizes being delivered to their homes.

The Wildfire team have also created a unique take on the popular escape rooms.

There are a number of different rooms that groups can view through a live video feed. It works by teams informing their own individual escapee what to do in order to get them out of the room in a set amount of time.

On top of guiding the escapee around the room, the participants will also be given tasks they must complete in order to give them extra information to work their way out of the room.