December. A month of contrasts. The excitement about the forthcoming festivities. The exhaustion from the year just gone. This year is no different, except for the looming concern about Omicron. It’s hard to decide whether to feel positive or pessimistic, or exhausted or energised. Perhaps it’s all four?

With so much uncertainty let’s stick with some facts. We are fast approaching the second anniversary of COVID-19. It’s a sad milestone but brings with it the reality that Sheffield’s business community has done some amazing things during the most challenging of times.

If you were in the room, or following online, you would have seen these success stories celebrated at the Sheffield Business Awards last month. The award ceremony came at the best of times but also the worst of times.

On one hand the Prime Minister announced Plan B 24 hours earlier. On the other it was clear that many needed an evening to celebrate. In any event the Chamber was delighted to have partnered with unLTD and to have hosted an event that has received so many plaudits. We are already planning for 2022. If you have any ideas about taking the awards to the next level, then do get in touch at

The festive period and the start of a New Year also prompts a moment of reflection and the setting of resolutions. Life in the Chamber is no different.

Our first resolution involves no change. We remain committed to delighting our members in a changing world. That is why 2022 will be a year of revolution. We know we need to challenge ourselves to create a membership model that is the foundation for a modern Chamber of Commerce. Our members already enjoy benefits, but we know they can enjoy more. 2022 will be the year we take Chamber membership to the next level.

We also know that to grow stronger, we also need to be fit and healthy. That wellbeing comes from investing in the right places. That is why we finished off 2021 welcoming three new colleagues into the Chamber team.

Jess is going to transform our approach to events, Christine will be focussed on making the Chamber the training provider of choice in the city and Kirsty will be taking control of our digital engagement. Together with existing colleagues they will make sure we are there whenever our members
need us.

And that is the reality. Running the Chamber is 24/7/365. That is why we never stop apart from a slowdown over Christmas. It has been a hugely busy year and 2022 looks to be no different. Whatever happens in the New Year the Chamber needs to be at its best to help Sheffield be at its best.

We cannot wait to get started.

We wish all readers a Happy New Year!

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