Launched in late 2020, Compliance Pod was born of 15 years’ experience in developing intuitive compliance solutions for thousands of organisations across the globe. Here Richard Bunting, co-founder and MD, shares the story so far…

Tell us about your business – sell yourselves!

After leaving a large-scale software business in 2019, and a period of analysing the unique challenges faced by customers at all levels, in a variety of sectors, from a compliance perspective, Compliance Pod was formed by a small team of long-time former colleagues with a singular objective – to develop a solution which managed all aspects of operational compliance, within a single integrated platform.

In our professional lives, we’ve obviously had contact with thousands of businesses which utilise software to manage various areas of compliance in some capacity. But we had yet to find anything which consolidated everything – asset management, policy distribution, recurring tasks, reactive tasks and management of staff certification and training – in an effective and intelligent way. So, deciding that we were equipped to take on the challenge, we set out to develop something that did!

In the following months, we consulted with establishments in sectors bound by strict and specific regulation, including (but not limited to!) care homes, dental practices, charities, education providers, haulage firms, manufacturing, and agricultural businesses. We found that, despite the variety in their services, the fundamentals are the same and there is commonality to the issues faced.

Building the system around the feedback of thousands of professionals – concurrent to speaking with them – has proved to be Compliance Pod’s greatest strength, and what sets it apart from other solutions of its kind – it is built to work the way the user works, rather than with the expectation that the user will adapt to how the system works. No two cases are the same, and we endeavour to make the adoption of Compliance Pod as easy as possible.

Who are your customers and how are you targeting them?

The bulk of our experience is within education, but the discussions we’ve had with leaders in other sectors have made it abundantly clear that Compliance Pod is infinitely flexible to the demands of almost any organisation. If you undertake any compliance-related activity, operate in line with business or sector-specific policies or processes, require the operation of a helpdesk or manage any number of assets, we can help.

We offer free consultations as standard, via Microsoft Teams (the demand for which has obviously increased hugely because of the pandemic) and in-person – whatever works best for the customer.

We’re always happy to chat to people about how they currently manage compliance across the board, and explore the ways in which Compliance Pod might be of use.

How can people get in touch with you?

Anyone can book a completely free, no-obligation consultation at, email or give us a call on 0114 349 2765.

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