Here at CT, we are continually striving to push the limits in how technology can improve our own and our customers’ existing operations.  They want a partnership that not only understands pain points but can provide solutions that really do make a difference to the business.

We know that methodologies that facilitate off-site learning have become crucial in the recent pandemic to keep functioning and training employees. Businesses are continuing to see value in education while many of their teams are working remotely.

We also know that training your team on basic IT skills, utilising your tech platforms most effectively and understanding simple security measures is crucial in growing and protecting your business, saving your team time and, importantly, developing their IT knowledge base.  Our aim is simple – to help ensure your business is more secure, efficient and productive.

With this in mind, CT has been working hard to offer all its customers a brand new service – a new learning platform called CT Knowledge which can be used to help build IT skills throughout your entire team.

Through what is coined ‘precision learning’, there are more than 100 three-minute engaging training sessions which aim to help your team learn new skills and how to make the most of your important business platforms including 0365, Sharepoint, Windows 10 and Excel.

There are also important videos covering cyber security and mental health in the workplace. Some training sessions are even just 60 seconds long! Through our CT Knowledge portal, users can click, swipe and tap content on their computer, laptop, tablet or phone, making it easier than ever to access important IT training courses quickly and easily.

So, for example, if you wanted to learn how to schedule a meeting in Teams, organise your inbox in Office 365, upload and share files with your colleagues in SharePoint or manage large amounts of data in Microsoft Excel, you can learn quickly in just three minutes without the need to ask a colleague, your in-house IT Manager or calling your service desk!

CT Knowledge launched in July and is now being used by many of our customers.

Here is a summary of the key benefits of our new service.

  • Scalability – As best practices evolve and internal processes expand, content can be removed, updated and restructured to fit any company need.
  • Efficiency – Increases learner comprehension and knowledge retention through the use of media-rich learning materials and bite-sized content.
  • Three Minute Videos – All of the videos you will find are three minutes or under, giving you precise and bite-sized information as you need it.
  • Online Video Tutorials – More than 100 three-minute video tutorials focused on building and strengthening IT knowledge within your business.
  • Develop Personal Skills – There are also important bite-size training videos covering cybersecurity, management skills, and mental health training.

If you would like to find out more, or have a demo of CT Knowledge, please get in touch with one of our account managers today on 01246 266 130.