HAVE Tuk-Tuk, will travel…even if it is only round and round your own back yard!

The Tuk-Tuk is a three wheel mini vehicle most commonly associated with taxi services in Thailand, India and countries of the Far East.

But it’s also the quirky and eye-catching chosen form of transport for city homeless charity Emmaus Sheffield, the drug and alcohol free project that provides a home, support and work for formerly homeless people in the city.


Through its Social Enterprise programme the charity aims to provide meaningful work for the people it supports – the Emmaus companions – to eventually become self-supporting once more.

And the charity’s Tuk-Tuk will be taking centre stage as the Emmaus team joins in the fun of the 2.6 Challenge.

April 26 – which would have been the date of the 2020 London Marathon, one of the year’s biggest charity fundraising events – has been named the day that the nation will rise to the challenge of generating much needed funding for charities across the country that have been left struggling to maintain their services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“When we decided that we wanted to be a part of the 2.6 Challenge we knew we would have to do something to make us stand out from the crowd and that’s the one thing the Tuk-Tuk always does for us,” said Emmaus Sheffield Deputy Manager Charley Fedorenko.

“We are going to fill the Tuk-Tuk with 26 items from our second hand superstore and the companions are going to push it 26 times around the yard of our headquarters at Sipelia Works in Cadman Street.

“They’ll also be wearing fancy dress from the shop and be changing outfits for every lap!

“With our shop currently closed as a result of the pandemic we really do need all the support we can get to continue providing our services to some of society’s most vulnerable people.

“So please do go online and give us your support as we take up what is probably our craziest challenge ever.”


To support the Emmaus 2.6 Challenge simply visit the charity’s website at emmaus-sheffield.org.uk or take a look at the charity’s JustGiving page, justgiving.com/emmaus-sheffield