The Cathedral Archer Project has announced that they have been awarded a Big Lottery Grant to fund their Changing Lives programme which is focused on supporting homeless individuals through activities.

This lottery funded project, open to anybody who is, or is vulnerable to, homelessness, aims to encourage individuals to take part in activities and then turn their participation into volunteering, learning and/or paid employment. A key feature of the programme is to help homeless individuals bridge the gap which exists between them and the world they want to live in.

Activities enable individuals to gain greater confidence and new skills, such as Jack, who left the armed forces and eventually became homeless. He engaged in activities and gradually built up his confidence, taking part in cookery classes, and volunteering in the Archer Project Kitchen providing breakfast and lunch time meals, leading him to now want to pursue a college cookery course.

Tim Renshaw, Chief Executive of the Archer Project, said: “This grant from the Big Lottery will enable us to provide activities and encourage people to build on their participation, which helps improve mental and physical health concerns, and use their skills to build more stable and fulfilling lives.”

Photo: Taken in the project of activities by Chris Saunders.