The latest quarterly Doncaster Business Insight Survey is now open and for every one completed by a business with a DN postcode, Doncaster Chamber will donate £1 to The Children’s Sleep Charity.

The team of sleep practitioners offer families one to one support, clinics and workshops that advocate for using a behavioural approach to sleep to improve sleep patterns.

The Doncaster-based charity also offers accredited Sleep Practitioner training for professionals from across the UK and is the first town in the country to offer sleep support to all children via their service.

The Doncaster Business Survey, run by Doncaster Chamber in association with Doncaster Council, gains a snapshot of business sentiment on current issues that impact on the local economy. The questions this quarter include the impact of a no-deal Brexit, business crime, local government policy and the changing workforce.

It’s quick and easy to complete online and the data will be used to address business needs, influence key decision makers and ensure things get done.

“The team at The Children’s Sleep Charity are delighted to hear that monies raised by businesses completing the Doncaster Business Insight Survey will be donated to our cause,” says Vicki Dawson, Founder of The Children’s Sleep Charity.

“We work very hard to support families who are in crisis due to sleep deprivation with limited resources so every penny really does count.  When a child is sleep deprived they cannot meet their full potential and it often leads the whole family into crisis.

“We are proud of the work that we do not only in Doncaster but across the country.  We are now reaching around 30,000 families each year which is a huge number and we want to continue to help even more; the only thing that prevents this happening is lack of funding.  I’d like to thank Doncaster Chamber and all businesses that take the survey for their kind support.”

A lack of sleep caused by children not sleeping can affect parents’ performance in the workplace. Government statistics (2018) show that 200,000 working days are lost in the UK every year due to insufficient sleep caused by a variety of reasons (including insomnia, shift work and environmental noise).  This results in an approximate £30 billion annual cost to businesses due to absenteeism, workplace accidents and lost productivity.

The Children’s Sleep Charity works with business by advising on sleep for employees and gives them access to sleep clinics and workshops.

Take the Doncaster Business Insight Survey by Monday 17 September: