HEW Coaching is five years old this month and we will definitely be celebrating.

Sixty per cent of businesses fail in the first three years. This in itself is a winner – not to be a stat that has the odds stacked up against us!

What are ‘wins’?


  • In your business – sales, teams, contracts, impact
  • Personal growth – mindset, learning different thought processes, coping mechanisms, being able to open up and have conversations with a loved one / colleague or business partner.


  • An award, a significant goal you set, a financial target, crossing the line on your first ever 10k run or purely just survival of tough and challenging times.


  • Of yourself, of your business, of your growth, development and achievements
  • You could have featured on the news, in an article or received an awesome review from a client. It could also be a thoughtful thank you card received in the post from a friend you helped
  • Whatever it is, it’s always nice to feel recognised for being who you are and doing what you do.


  • Securing a contract / deal / sale
  • Sticking to your schedule, getting the kids to school 5 minutes earlier in a morning, ensuring you take your lunch break and eat / drink / move, dealing with a difficult customer calmly and effectively
  • Any small, incremental change and steps forward is progress – never underestimate the power of progress!

Remember it’s personal to you.

  • It’s not about keeping up with the Jones’, having a shinier car than little Johnny down the street or having the best job title on LinkedIn
  • This is YOU v YOU
  • A win to you is a significant win regardless of how big or small.

How to recognise and celebrate your wins:

  • Set goals for everything (not just business and career related)
  • Have milestones to hit and review against
  • Schedule these reviews in
  • Release the pressure you apply on to yourself
  • Have fun and enjoy the process
  • Journal and document so you can measure everything –
    if you’re not measuring, you can’t manage…or win!
  • Don’t be ‘too busy’ to appreciate growth and development
  • Forget modesty, be your own biggest cheerleader
  • Wins don’t have to be public or publicised
  • Learn from what you have achieved
  • Ask yourself if it ‘feels good’, is it aligned with your values and vision? If so you’re on the right track
  • Do something to reward yourself – again big or small it doesn’t matter, it could just be a simple toast with your mug of morning coffee, or a glass of cold fizz with friends. It could also equally be an afternoon to yourself for reading a book, walking in the great outdoors and enjoying a slice of homemade cake.

It helps with:

  • Tracking
  • Appreciation
  • Staying grounded
  • Fuelling the tank for recognition and motivation
  • Team (and personal) morale

Stop and Pause Task: What have been your wins?


This week?

This month?

This year?


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