The prime minister has today updated MPs and the nation on new coronavirus measures amid a rise in Coronavirus cases across the country.

In a House of Commons statement at lunchtime followed by a planned TV address to the nation this evening, Boris Johnson unveiled a range of new measures to tackle the dramatic surge in COVID-19 cases, after announcing in June further changes to measures that were designed to help businesses get back on their feet and people back in their jobs whilst adhering to Covid secure guidelines.

Last week, two million more Brits were put under local lockdown in the North East of England with many other local lockdowns spread across the UK, many are wondering whether their area is next.

Although there is no set level of infection that triggers a local lockdown, if the rate rises above 40 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people, then it is likely that extra restrictions will be considered.

With Sheffield currently sitting on the Public Health England watchlist, Doncaster Chamber CEO, Dan Fell has warned that significant help and further support is needed for businesses, and for local authorities, to weather the local lockdown storms when they come.

“The reality is that the UK is walking a tight rope between protecting its people and the economy,” he continued.

“We need to prepare for local lockdowns – it’s a case of when, not if, and my concerns are for the businesses in the region who will suffer material financial impact after trying hard to get back up and running in recent weeks.

“I would urge the government to look at further significant support to help when these  ‘localised storms’ hit, businesses have only benefited from a fraction of the revenue many of them have lost over the months of this pandemic.

“Business across South Yorkshire have reacted in a responsible and civic minded way – mature conversations have taken place with workforces across the region to help return many people back to their office, shops and factories, but they will need further financial help throughout the coming months if we are to stand any chance of rebuilding and growing our local economy and increasing the number of jobs in our area.”

Mr Fell added: “As a country we have to restore confidence and that can only come with an effective test and trace system in place which sadly is still not there yet.”