A support group set up in Sheffield to help small businesses and the self-employed through the Coronavirus crisis has already ‘developed in a lovely way’ since its inception just days ago.

Almost 350 people have already joined a Facebook group set-up by Sheffield-based business consultancy Space to Breathe on 14 March – a group established to be ‘whatever people need it to be’ by organisers, who felt it was ‘the best thing to do’ for the wellbeing of concerned individuals across the city.

Among those behind the initiative is Andy Freeman, founder and director of Space to Breathe, who hopes that the group will come to the aid of individuals in their time of need.

Andy said: “The Small Business & Self-Employed support group was set up because we are a small business too, and because this is impacting our wellbeing and causing concern.

“So, we felt the best thing to do for others wellbeing in the city was to be generous, to offer support and create community.

“My hope is that the support group will be helpful for small businesses and the self-employed to get the help they need to survive, and then to support their wellbeing and health during this difficult time.

“I also hope it might be a way for us to speak together to those in leadership, to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.”

In addition to the support group, Space to Breathe is offering 30-minute mental health first aid sessions for those struggling or overwhelmed by current events.

The consultancy has also created wellbeing resources for a variety of individuals, including a web page which acts as a hub for small business advice, creative meditations and general mental health support. It also has plans to launch a digital wellbeing subscription which will deliver weekly wellbeing content to individuals via email.

School employees are also being supported – with a Facebook group also set up for Sheffield school staff to connect with and receive support and encouragement.


For more information visit www.spacetobreatheuk.com, and for free mental health first aid, email info@spacetobreatheuk.com.

For applications to join the Coronavirus Impact Support for Sheffield Small Business, Self Employed Facebook group, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/350495542494295.

For applications to join the Sheffield School Staff Facebook group, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheffieldschoolstaff.