Sheffield broker IFM Insurance is reminding local firms about the problems caused by fly tipping. This follows a recent rise in fly tipping across Sheffield, despite a drop in numbers during lockdown. Sheffield City Council has reported that May was the quietest month with 838 reports of fly tipping. However this increased significantly with over 1,000 reports in both June and July.  In total there have been just over 7,000 reports of fly tipping this year up so far until July.

Landowners in Sheffield should be aware that they are liable for illegal dumping on their land and most insurance policies contain very limited provision to cover the cost of removal. Worryingly there is a risk that waste could cause damage to the property itself or increase the fire hazard.  This can also cause a delay in re-letting or marketing the property due to the time and expense to get the waste removed.

Vigilance is therefore vital as insurers expect properties 
to be well maintained and properly managed at all times. So it’s really important for landlords to thoroughly vet their tenants to mitigate any risk. Crucially landlords should take steps to fully understand the nature of commercial tenants’ business, what waste is created, and how it is disposed of.

Top tips to combat the threat

  • Consider the site layout. Sites with large open areas of hardstanding and good vehicle access are particularly exposed
  • Conventional security measures such as intruder alarms, CCTV and/or SSAIB approved security guards remain a deterrent to fly-tippers.
  • Make unoccupied properties as secure as possible, with robust fencing, gates, and 24-hour security. Regular checks should also be implemented to avoid escalating problems and more extreme losses.