We waited patiently for the day to come where we could finally get out to Tanzania and climb Africa’s highest, and the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro.

10 days away from home, seven days on the mountain and 5,895m of elevation to conquer.

The trekking itself wasn’t the only part of the challenge. It was the camping, the cold, the lack of sleep, altitude sickness, being off grid from contact with loved ones and the world below – which, by the way, was spectacular to see from our mountain ledge! It was the dust, the early starts, the long days, being amongst fellow team members that we had only just met at the check in desk at Heathrow. It was a real challenge to our physical, mental and emotional strength.

We really did represent Sheffield Steel and are immensely proud of this achievement that will stay imprinted in our memory and hearts for a lifetime.

Everyone on the mountain loved seeing Theo the bear too, he gained masses of fame and will definitely feature on many camera rolls the world over. And yes, James did carry him every single day and he too made it to the summit (and all the way back down again!)

Collectively we have raised over £12,500 for the Children’s Hospital Charity and want to extend our thanks and appreciation to all involved.

Tchad Western, chief fun officer at The Children’s Hospital Charity said: “We are so grateful to Helen, James and James for taking on the incredible Mount Kilimanjaro challenge for us, every penny they have raised will support our patients and families at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. We are currently raising money to build a Helipad at the hospital, and the amazing fundraising from them all will help us get one step closer to our dream. On behalf of everyone at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the Charity we’d like to say a huge thank you to them all.”