Doncaster Chamber is the first business to back the new partnership scheme that helps people off the street and into a healthier and safer lifestyle.

The business support organisation and its members have been working with the council and police to address the spike of anti-social behaviour, crime, aggressive begging and drug dealing/usage in Doncaster town centre and across the borough.

Town centre businesses have reported a drop in sales due to reduced footfall, staff feeling too unsafe to go to work and the negative impact that this is having on the local economy. The latest Doncaster Business Insight Survey Q3 2018 showed 31% of firms had been affected by crime in the last 12 months.

Says Dan Fell, CEO of Doncaster “We are fully aware of the issues of anti-social behaviour in the town centre and across the borough and the impact this is having on businesses and customers alike. The Chamber is both challenging and working with local partners to improve this situation and fully supports such initiatives like Real Help Doncaster to make positive change. We are therefore pleased to be the first business organisation to donate and support people with complex lives into housing and training.

“Doncaster Chamber is committed to making Doncaster town centre and the borough a pleasant place to live, work and study and, through collective efforts with the business community and partners, we know we can all make a difference.”

Doncaster Chamber is leading the campaign for Doncaster’s University Technology Centre which will be built in the Civic Quarter. It will bring a younger generation into this part of town and increase footfall for surrounding businesses including CAST theatre, the new Library, and Waterdale Village. This can only make it a more safe and prosperous area which will attract even more businesses to want to work there.

Real Help Doncaster provides an alternative way for people to give to people on the streets. By donating to the new partner initiative, they will know that their support will contribute to ‘real help’ instead of money being used for the wrong reasons including possible drug and alcohol abuses and contribute to keeping people begging.

Doncaster Chamber is also supporting this and other local charities that support people with complex lives through the Doncaster Business Insight Survey Q3 2018 and Doncaster Business Awards 2018 raffle and silent auction.

To find out more about Doncaster Chamber’s support for the local community including young people through the Doncaster Skills Academy, start-up and existing businesses and partner initiatives visit: