In this third part of our series of articles on TravelMaster business partnerships, we are looking ahead to summer 2021 and the rise of the “staycation”. We want to explore the ways in which we can add extra value to bookings for the region’s hotels as more people vacation at home this year

As we journey out of lockdown, for many of us a return to Spain, France and other summer holiday favourites isn’t on the cards just yet.

As many of us look closer to home for our holidays this year, TravelMaster wants to work with our region’s hotels to offer the best value possible to staycationers.

We want to work with hotels throughout South Yorkshire to provide the cherry on top for their guests – easy and affordable travel during their stay.

Our offer to hotels

TravelMaster provide affordable and flexible travel across South Yorkshire, and we want to bring that to your hotel guests.

Travelling in a new area, with unfamiliar operators and services, can be a headache for many, but here at TravelMaster we want to take some of that stress out of the equation.

With a TravelMaster card, your guests can travel on any bus, tram, or train in South Yorkshire regardless of operator. No worrying or wasting money because you don’t know which service or operator you need for your journey; just one ticket, and all of South Yorkshire is your oyster.

A TravelMaster add-on for your hotel guests could serve as a great way to ensure a pleasant stay for those looking to explore the region’s wonderful cities and green spaces this summer.

How it works

When booking a room with your hotel, a TravelMaster add-on option would allow customers to bundle their travel into their stay in a way that’s easy for both your business and your guests.

Guests pay you, the hotel, for a credit code which they can use to redeem their travel ticket. They can then buy a card on arrival from your hotel, or order one through a link provided at purchase.

With card in hand, they will then use the code to redeem their ticket online and load the ticket easily by downloading the TravelMaster App.

This means less stress for your customers, and it’s as easy as one, two, three for your business. Plus, you’ll only pay us once they redeem the code with our Pay on Redemption system.

If you want to find out more about how this could work for your business, just get in touch via today.