Helen Williams gives inspiring ideas for change management to continue on the return to work

With workplaces and businesses starting to go back to some kind of ‘normal’ (whatever that means), have you reviewed what changes you can be inspired by and keep as part of your routine and approach?

As we all have been navigating our way through change, it has been interesting exploring new ways of working and having stark reality checks over what can really benefit us in the long term.

Here are some of the findings we have discovered for ourselves and among our clients:

1. Effective time management

We can control our time and diaries so much more effectively, especially when we are juggling extra tasks through the demands of childcare and some kind of education delivery from home. Many business operators have had these two worlds collide these past couple of months, meaning time is demanded even more and therefore their required level of discipline needs to be turned right up.

2. End the endless meetings

There is no need for endless meetings, and meetings about more meetings. In sync with being more time-effective, it means we have to be more productive in this time frame. Set strict agendas, stipulate boundaries, demand more from yourself and the team around you so that you aren’t going back to old habits of ‘catching up’ in meetings and blurring lines around time and productivity potential.

3. You have control over your environment

Working from home has been a challenge for many – too many distractions, not enough stimulation and difference in setup/layout etc. What it is HAS ensured, though, is that you have had to take control over your environment to keep on top and keep sane. This is down to the media you consume, to the time you spend on social media, the books you read and the people you Zoom with. If your environment previously hadn’t served you, and you never did enjoy gossiping around the water cooler with the other negative Nancys, then take control and change it.

4. You are more adaptable than you think

Despite the fear and the uncertainty, it has been a testament to everyone how they have applied themselves to stay present, adapt and, for some, even grow themselves and their businesses. Change will no doubt always be feared but with change comes learning and we can assess the areas we are adaptive in. The implementation and constant use of technology has been the biggest variable here. Those without an online presence and a fear of the web-cam are now showcasing their business products and services online and participating in weekly/monthly networking meetings and webinars.

5. Clarity over your priorities

It has been a huge revelation for many how valuable their health and wellbeing is – the importance of looking after number one, for a whole host of reasons has hit home. Priorities around expenditure, money management, family, people around you have all been brought into the spotlight, too, and given many people the opportunity to take control.

Regardless of your individual experience at this time, it is a collective given that change is inevitable and that nothing is guaranteed to stay the same. Benefit from these learnings and keep going forward, not necessarily backwards.

Change can be inspiring and allow you to experience different perspectives personally and in business.