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Recruiting great people is at the heart of every business, with digital visibility key to new hires.

Google Search remains as vital as ever to how effectively you target people online and thanks to a new feature rolled out by the tech giant, it’s now easier to make your jobs visible to searchers.

The change comes in the form of a ‘jobs panel’, which displays towards the top of the first search results page.

What is the Jobs Panel?

The panel is essentially a list of vacancies pulled in from different websites, with selected information such as salary included alongside each listing.

To take advantage of the jobs panel, you’ll need to add some code-based markup to the vacancies pages listed on your website. This will be invisible to the user and also machine readable by Google’s algorithm.

When Google crawls the pages on your site with the structured markup on, it could then be used to ensure your job listings achieve visibility in the jobs panel.

How Could This Benefit My Business?

In recent years, Google has placed increasing focus on providing searchers with information directly within the search results. The jobs panel is the latest example of this and if you advertise vacancies on your website, it’s a great feature to take advantage of.

If Google selects your listings, you could achieve almost instant visibility right at the top of the search results. Handily, this also means you could leapfrog your competitors and grab more website traffic.

If you run a recruitment company, jobs board or even just advertise jobs on your website, we’d highly recommend implementing the changes required to feature in Google’s jobs panel.

What Does the Future Hold?

There’s a good chance the new jobs panel feature could be a step by Google towards monetising their own jobs platform.

Through the new markup, they’ve already placed themselves right at the front of the queue for job seekers using Google Search.

If they decide to turn the jobs listings into ad space, recruitment companies, jobs listings websites and individual organisations may have to pay to remain visible.

It’s worth capitalising now whilst there’s the opportunity to do so.

Help With Structured Data Markup

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the jobs panel, Evoluted can help. We can implement the structured data markup required for you to get your vacancies featured.

For help with this – as well as any other digital marketing or web development requirements – please get in touch with us today.